Commercial Landscaping



Commercial Landscaping

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Our Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance seaseons. 

We specialize in year-round landscape & snow. Removal management programs to partnerships with property owners and managers to make sure we stay in budget!

Selvin’s Landscaping Inc is a full-service maintenance landscape.

We will keep your property looking the best by maintaining it in a clean, professional manner.

In addition to our weekly lawn maintenance service, Selvin’s offers the following service A custom design can incorporate a beautiful floral throughout the changing season.  Our landscape construction services can work with you to create the personalized design and features to make your commercial property unique and beautiful.

Lawn Care Maintenance & Hardscape Services 



  Sidewalk Edging

  Spring/Fall Cleanup

  Lawn Aeration

  Weed Control

  Brick paver patio


  Flower Programs



  Spring/Fall Cleanup

  Retaining wall

  Lawn Aeration

  Flower Planters

  Irrigation Systems

  LED lighting

  Sitting wall

  Permeable brick paver

From Plants to Fountains, Selvin's Landscaping Inc. 

Before planting comes planning—the key to successful commercial landscaping is a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration the climate and soil type, as well as your budget, of course. Selvin's Landscaping Inc.’s experienced horticulturists will give you a complete rundown of the types of plants that would thrive in your area, given Bloomingdale’s climate, so you aren’t saddled with plants that are naturally combatting their environment.

From there, we will design an irrigation system that effectively delivers moisture to your new plants, making sure that they receive the care and attention they require to truly thrive. Your project does not have to involve many different types of plants, either. If you’re looking for something that requires a bit less upkeep, we have a selection of striking stones and other inorganic materials that make great additions to any landscaping project. For the more adventurous Bloomingdale business owner, we can also provide you with a fountain or water-based accent piece, to truly make you stand out.

A Maintenance Schedule to Suit Your Needs.

Our job doesn’t end when we’ve put the last plant in the ground, however. In order to keep your landscape looking its best, Selvin's Landscaping Inc. recommends our Bloomingdale clients set up a regular maintenance schedule, in order to keep your flowers blossoming and your grass even and green. After the project is complete, we’ll continue delivering the same friendly and efficient service you’ll have gotten used to during the construction period. You can count on us! We understand that as a business owner you have a lot on your plate, so if you opt to do your own maintenance, we’ll set you up with plants that require less hands on attention, so they’ll continue to flourish even if you don’t dedicate whole swaths of your day to their upkeep.

Grow Your Business, Contact Selvin's Landscaping Inc. Today!

Whether you’re looking to get a beautiful garden set up outside your Bloomingdale business or need to schedule regular lawn maintenance, Selvin's Landscaping Inc. is there for you. Don’t let your first impression be marred by an unappealing, boring outdoor area. Give Selvin's Landscaping Inc. a call today to find out how we can help your business bloom!


Commercial Landscaping
Commercial Landscaping


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